Over the last few years, the telecommunications industry has been rocked by major changes to its regulatory structure, underlying network technology and customer usage patterns. The cable industry’s push into the phone business and a torrent of innovations such as internet telephony and advanced wireless technologies are threatening the foundation of this huge industry. The phone companies are furiously trying to cut costs to stay ahead of decline in revenues of traditional telephony services. The companies are also trying to add new revenue streams by teaming up with satellite television companies, offering packages of phone, broadband and TV service. New technologies are hurting the value of the huge telephony network investments made by telecom giants as startup companies utilize the excess fiber optic capacity to offer more cost effective services to customers.

At Metasisinfo, our telecom solutions will help businesses work more effectively at lower costs. With our CRM solutions, we are able to provide a strong integration system that will better fit the needs of businesses.


Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems

Offers services that provide consulting with implementation plans and system requirement documents as well as design and customization of technology products
Video Conferencing Portal (VCP)

A platform agnostic, proprietary framework designed to manager, schedule, monetize, analyze, report and monitor Video Conferencing and Document Exchange activities between Enterprises and Individuals. The Portal is designed to serve as an engine for both B2B and B2C applications. This VCP solution, network control, firewall traversal etc. is critical to ensure reliable, utility-like performance across geographies, infrastructure and endpoints; it includes scheduling, monitoring, automatic software updates and reporting. Infrastructure Control ensures Bandwidth management and authentication. Permeable Firewall transfer would play a crucial role in enabling video communications among all parties involved.
Infrastructure Management

Provides unified communications, enterprise IT services, network management and planning systems as well as virtualization and consolidation services
CRM and Helpdesk solutions

Relates to the integration of systems with new software and the provision of effective customer segmentation