Data Science and Machine Learning

The space of business analytics is constantly evolving. Along with the Descriptive Analytics there is a pressing need for Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

Metasis has specialized Data Science and Machine learning practice that helps our customers build state of art Models using Deep Learning and other Machin Learning Techniques.

Metasis Data Science Capabilities

Capability Definition


Define, identify and analyze groups of customers based on characteristics, behavior, performance and other quantitative factors.


Ability to leverage shopper insights to generate specific campaigns and tactics focused on segments.

Channel Optimization

Design and enable improved multi-channel customer experiences, digital customer interactions, digital sales, and digital channel distribution capabilities.

Customer Lifecycle

Steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service.

Customer Voice

Understand your customersí opinions, perceptions and expectations toward your brand, products and services.

Sub Capabilities

ï Broad personalization
ï Strategic, Contextual, Micro Segmentation
ï Next Best Offer
ï Personalization
ï Contextual Offers
ï Bid Capabilities
ï Loyalty Analytics
ï Next Best Action
ï Digital Attribution
ï Acquisition Analytics
ï Lifetime Value
ï Churn Analytics
ï Journey Analytics
ï Customer Care (Call Center, PFS web)
ï Sentiment Analysis
ï Social Network Analysis