enterprise_mobilityEnterprise MobilityMobility is quickly becoming a basic component for everyday life. Consumers and business professionals alike, grow more accustomed to having the world at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they are. Mobile solutions are poised to transform the way the world does business.
Benefits:Increase productivity
Gain flexibility
Manage time efficiently & effectively
Improve accuracy
Lower costs
Create an accessible information space
Manage customer relations
Control multiple operations simultaneously

Today’s environment provides an explosion of data via mobile devices. This is due to the enhancements in mobile technology and lower bandwidth costs. These two game changing factors, provides for various exciting solutions, that seemed never before possible.

Metasisinfo has significant expertise, providing solutions and services, that handle 2-way communications, with various types of mobile devices. Our solutions include the following:Capture massive amounts of data from various categories of mobile devices.
Provide robust, real-time store-retrieve functionalities.
Perform and provide business analytics in real-time
Provide rich visual display in the form of various types of dashboards.
Deliver various functionalities such as Network Management, Email Alerts, Performance Summaries of various field devices
Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre is equipped to monitor millions of industrial grade wireless devices and provide alerts, corrective measures and reports.Currently, our engineers are developing several applications like, Lighting Control Systems; a solution that would assist various Utility firms, Cities and State Governments, in reduction of energy consumption. Hence, The solution is designed to interact with millions of mobile devices that provide real-time data, reduce or increase power usage based on current weather patterns etc.

At Metasisinfo, we work with companies to align their goals and strategies with the cutting edge of Enterprise Mobility. Our team of consultants are committed to ensuring that our clients stay more and more successful in today’s business environment, providing expert advice on how to harness the power of mobile solutions so they can enhance their performance and improve their flexibility.

At Metasisinfo, our goal is to implement short-term strategies while identifying long-term solutions, developing applications that energize companies, along with their clients and partners, to collaborate efficiently and effectively across all platforms.

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