Reducing the response time to the ever growing amount of data being collected by companies is only becoming a larger and larger problem. As the amount, assortment, speed and complexity of data rises, the typical ways of handling it with relational database management tools no longer handle the more demanding capture and storage needs, as well as exhaustive searches, rigorous sharing and thorough analytics. Being able to extract the derivative worth from data is what allows companies and organizations to boost productivity and increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Utilizing Hortonworks’ Hadoop and MongoDB, Appnovation is able to provide Big Data consulting and development services which help companies bridge the ever widening span between the overflow volume of complex data and the ability to perform in depth analysis to interpret and report.
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Big Data Services & Solutions

Using such open source technologies like Hadoop and MongoDB, Appnovation is able to take advantage of opportunities to find insights in new and emerging types of content and data, helping to open up new possibilities for analysis and making businesses more agile and informed in their efforts. The following are just some of the industries and uses where Big Data technologies can play a useful role:

Government: Intelligence, Cyber Defense, Cyber Warfare, Air Traffic Control, Air Traffic Safety, Military Situational Reporting, Security Regulations, Information Collection, Information Dissemination
Financial Services, Banking & Insurance: Detect Fraud, Analyze Loan Risk, Profile Customers, Monitor Trades, Analyze Trade Patterns
Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment: Analyze Call Details, Online Video Streaming Analysis, Analyze Call Records, Hosting Subscription Analysis
Restaurant & Retail: Analyze Customer Behavior, Analyze Customer Sentiment, Optimize Merchandising, Optimize Operations, Manage Inventory, Logistics, Distribution, Compare Pricing
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals: Analyze Research Data, Analyze Development Data, Analyze Clinical Data, Analyze Activity Data, Analyze Cost Data, Historical Patient Information Analysis

Big Data development services enable companies and organizations to:

Store terabytes of data on a distributed file storage system.
Conduct various analysis combinations throughout different points in data lifecycles – data mining, data warehousing
Query vast, heterogeneous data through a common front end user interface. Get answers from your structured, unstructured, inconsistent, uneven, social, new and legacy data all at once.
Search significantly faster through a common front end user interface across data that can be structured, unstructured, social and/or complex in nature.
Leverage intelligence from information perceived as inconsistent or uneven.
Roll out highly targeted, mission critical tools which integrate easily into both legacy data sources and the user interface of your choice, without committing to upending existing architecture.