Energy & Utility

eneryWe rely on deep industry expertise to provide the most solid foundation, for solving the most complex business problems. With an established track record of managing and delivering, strategic and innovative enterprise-wide programs, we deliver the right combination of technology and processes to ensure the best fit for the size and nature of engagement.

We model and assemble our reusable Service Components, Solution Frameworks and Assets to accelerate the implementation cycle and establish open standards, for large scale implementation platforms. We ensure technical excellence and R&D support services, strive for open client communications, and provide a resilient foundation and partnership for long-term success.

At Metasisinfo, we have spent years building high-volume transactional systems and gaining expertise in building high availability businesses. We are dedicated to a vision, of how best to leverage the high volume feeds. From smart metering infrastructure to collaborating with existing business systems, we make steady improvements in the industry.


Smart Grid

Maximize assets with 2-way communications and improved applications management, amplify energy efficiency and reduce CO2 production by diminishing line loss
Asset Management & Service Monitoring

Designing and implementing equipment management strategies, service failure tracking and recovery management, observing availability and quality by implementing usage data to accelerate time to resolution
Smart Metering

Measures to diminish operational costs of maintenance & meter reading, grid monitoring and control processes to develop better reliability, enhanced quality and security, built in framework for RFID, Sensor and Mobile data collection