Infrastructure Management Made Easy

The biggest challenge of organizations today is to provide high quality service while maintaining complex infrastructure management processes. Hence, they look for reliable, secure and efficient models to manage their IT assets.

Metasis has expertise in planning, commissioning and operating infrastructure. Metasis can help achieve the highest levels of business transformation by enabling companies to get the most from their infrastructure services.

Infrastructure Offerings

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    • Prevention of unauthorized access to unattended workstations through screen savers or connection timeouts
    • Portable/removable media to be removed or disabled to ensure client’s data can’t be downloaded or taken offsite
    • Provide only authorized access to cable vault and electrical and telephone areas
    • Intrusion prevention system to prevent unauthorized access
    • Keys to be provided to enter premises and restricted areas and locks to be changed at regular intervals
    • Enforce and implement commercially reasonable password complexity requirement
    • Wireless connections to be encrypted and adequately secured
    • Maintain security audit logs to track system events including login attempts, user sessions, logoffs, configuration changes, and other pertinent events and data.
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    Remote Infrastructure Management

    • Each LORA (Limited Offshore Remote Access) user to be reviewed and either approved or denied within 2 weeks from written request to IT OCE (Offshore Compliance & Enablement).
    • Each LORA request to be linked to specific work order
    • Maintenance of history log of all requests for LORA
    • Getting approval for temporary remote access
    • Management remote access laptops to be kept in the possession of client approved resource
    • Each remote access laptop to have client approved full hard drive encryption solution
    • Remote desktop protocol traffic to be encrypted
    • Permanent workstations not to be permitted to leave approved work location
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    Network Support Services

    • Authentication controls for firewalls, firewall management servers
    • Track and approve changes to firewall rules
    • Device-specific monitoring tools for firewall operations
    • Each remote access laptop to be installed with anti virus and firewall
    • Security of B2B VPN connections from other remote connections
    • Client data to be accessed through authorized VPN tunnel
    • Install and support Microsoft (MS) Remote DesktopTM , VPN Client, and/or Citrix ICA Client
    • Each remote access laptop to be able to connect to a single network at any given time
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    Storage & Data Protection

    • Client data to be accessed through authorized network by offshore personnel
    • Virtual workstations to be configured in a way offshore personnel can’t download or copy client data
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    Other Services

    • Ensuring change management procedures are consistently followed
    • Business continuity communication documents to be made readily available and kept current
    • Failover processes and procedures to support client applications
    • Enforce clean desk policy

Business Benefits

• Reduce IT operational pressures
• Speedy alignment of business demands to internal IT
• Leverage latest infrastructure technology and tools without heavy investments
• Speedy alignment of business demands to internal IT

Metasis Advantage

Seamless Service

Reduced service disruptions and shared risks in transformation.

Productivity Improvement

Tools and automation framework to enhance productivity.

High Performance

Maximize operational efficiency for high performance.

Maintenance and Support

Preventive maintenance services to eliminate downtime.

Solution Adaptability

Customized solutions to match specific customer requirements.

Utmost Optimization

Improved infrastructure utilization for optimal results.