asdfOffshore Outsourcing

Metasis Information Systems delivers an innovative, effective and high quality Business Process Outsourcing services to clients worldwide.
• Cost Effective
• Fully scalable facilities to execute large scale initiatives
• TranMetasisent to your end customers
• Access to process and domain expertise
• Meets and exceeds SLAs
• Continuous improvement practices
• Access to cutting-edge technologies
Companies benefit from a robust migration framework and seamless service, with state-of-the-art partner facilities in India and the US.
Metasis Information Systems manages clients’ contact centers, back office operations and technical helpdesks, with solutions based on proven industry best-practices, and services provided by the best off-shore talent.
Opportunity Identification
• Meeting top management and process owners to understand business strategy, business drivers and corporate vision.
• Understand client’s business requirements
• Carrying out CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) of outsourcing v/s in-house.
• Arriving at conclusion for ‘RIGHT’ process to outsource.
• Define CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameters and arrive at SLA.
• Identify risks involved and strategies to mitigate these risks.
Process Mapping
• Detailing and documentation of processes
• Identify areas of improvement and Optimize/Re-engineer process if required
Migration Planning
• Project Planning
• Knowledge Transfer and Training Planning
• Assessment of technology requirements

Quality Assurance Services
• Constantly monitor process for quality output
• Annual Quality audit
• Best practices approach