Verification and Validation is one of the delivery models provided by METASIS. This results-oriented, strategic business unit goes beyond traditional QA and testing by specializing in Quality Management that’s aligned with each client’s needs.

Verification looks at the software product and ensures it has been designed and built to specifications, and is free of defects. Validation confirms with the user that everything is working correctly and to their expectations.

Being an independent organization within METASIS, we can offer objectivity and neutrality on client engagements where independent verification and validation is critical. When it’s not, we also offer integrated Quality Management as part of the core team. Either way, we offer strong Verification and Validation services, including:

  • Functional Testing Services
  • Nonfunctional Testing Services
  • Advanced Requirements Modeling


METASIS Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients across multiple industries. Through our ongoing Quality Management programs, we quickly forge strong partnerships with these clients to turn out software and retail products of unparalleled quality with substantial time and cost savings. This reputation for quality and speed is a direct result of our ability to ensure thorough testing, flexible testing models and low residual defect rates.

Impact: Our highly experienced people help to ensure reliability and integrity through their in-depth knowledge and expertise in software quality and testing.

Excellence: We have built long-term relationships with regional and international software development organizations by successfully addressing all of their quality management needs, from early stages of development to final build testing. We are driven by quality processes and committed to excellent service.

Responsiveness:METASIS applies our proven processes and techniques to quickly ramp up your product technology and domain

Accessibility:METASIS offers an excellent skills base, exceptional service, competitive pricing, and geographic proximity that works for your business. Organizations reap the benefits of outsourcing their testing needs to a company that functions seamlessly across the globe.

Understanding of Today’s Business Realities:METASIS helps you release bug-free products on time to address current market challenges, provides superior results that reduce product release risks, and enables you to improve your bottom line.

Why METASIS for Verification & Validation

  • Global sourcing combined with flexible engagement models provide independent Verification and Validation or more integrated Quality Management.
  • More than 1500 highly trained career professionals in Quality Management, with over 650 testing projects executed, providing specialized test management, design and execution expertise.
  • Operational excellence through a clear and dedicated focus on testing; up to 60% reduction in testing costs.
  • Proven consistency in the high quality and speed of application delivery.
  • Flexibility and versatility with scalable and follow-the-sun test models.
  • Rigorous recurrence verification and test case design using Advanced Requirements Modeling techniques.
  • Well-defined metrics and process performance baselines.
  • Provision of quality information to assist with critical time-sensitive business decisions.
  • Reusable Test Assets [Accelerators] and other innovative solutions to improve quality and add value throughout the life cycle.