Software quality has always been of great concern to the business, but it’s more critical than ever now. Social networking sites are setting a higher bar of user expectation, and your customers are measuring you against the quality time they spend on these sites. Do you compare in terms of performance (response time), user experience, and error handling?

METASIS offers comprehensive Quality Management and Governance services for the design, set up and operation of various types of engagements for quality management.

We look at each testing engagement with an eye towards the “best-fit” approach. This means not simply applying a one-size fits all solution or package of services, but rather a custom tailored management solution for each client’s unique situation and business needs. We are motivated to work within the parameters of the project constraints, including budget, schedule, quality requirements and risk tolerance.

We offer a full range of Quality Management and Governance services across the application lifecycle. Our services in this area span industries, technologies and methodologies, and are driven by key priority and risk factors. Our quality policy dictates a commitment to establishing and following quality software engineering, project management and organizational best practices.

The following are the services offered:

  • Test Management
  • Global Test Center
  • Managed Quality Services



Our approach to Test Management is one we call Smarter Testing™, a set of concepts combined with business thinking and practical common sense. With Smarter Testing, we simultaneously raise the level of quality and reduce the total cost of quality by enabling optimal testing and maximizing ROI through risk-based testing; mature and flexible processes, tools and techniques; and operational excellence.

Smarter Testing is value-driven; in fact, there is a focus on generating value at every step of the way. Test Management services help to ensure coverage of high priority areas and to maximize productivity. Value also comes by producing consistent, predictable outputs, and through metrics that show when to stop testing. Our TRUST methodology for testing embodies the Smarter Testing approach.

The Global Test Center provides a distributed team approach that enables you to leverage different time zones, skills, and labor arbitrage advantages. In this way, our full spectrum of global resources can be accessed, and testing can be executed, from where it makes the most sense: at your site using targeted teams of local experts; at any one of our facilities across the globe; or a combination of on-site and off-site test centers. This method facilitates, if need be, the use of follow-the-sun productivity concepts for 24-hour a day testing, and access to the best testing professionals, methodologies, tools, accelerators and best practices from around the globe.

Managed Quality Services is our “pay for performance” engagement model for testing, where you pay for the outcome and not for the resources consumed. In this way, METASIS takes full accountability and “puts its skin in the game” by sharing in the business risk. “Outcome” is measured by a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that establishes the effectiveness and efficiency achieved by the team. Examples of KPIs are: average number of test cases executed per person-hour; defect detection effectiveness.

Why METASIS for Quality Management and Governance

  • Full array of quality management and test management services.
  • Smarter Testing™ approach to optimize Cost of Quality.
  • Structured and proven TRUST methodology.
  • Highly-trained and experienced Test Managers and Transition Managers.
  • Added focus on continuous improvement and innovation over time.