13Recruiters in all major markets

SPAR with its service offerings developed over years of industry experience is uniquely positioned to provide scalable staffing solutions tuned specifically to meet its client organizational needs. At SPAR, we provide consulting services to our customers for all their immediate and long-term business needs. Depending on our client’s requirement, we provide consultants on contract, contract-to-hire or permanent basis. When it comes to providing consultants on contract basis, we at SPAR can quickly put together a competent team to enable our clients to leverage the latest technology in the least possible time frame. At any given time, we provide our clients with topnotch technical talent ranging from Project Managers, Architects, Technical Leads and Business Analysts to Programmer Analysts in areas of Mainframe, Client-Server, e-Commerce, ERP, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Infrastructure & Networking other technical areas. In other words when it comes to locating and recruiting any technical talent there is no better partner than SPAR.

Contract Staffing

For a short-term project need, when it involves completing a particular assignment and delivering specific project functions, and where one decides not to increase the payroll cost by adding a permanent new employee, SPAR Contract Services could be the best, most cost-effective solution. It gives our client the option to get the specific consultant on a pre-determined time bound contract, hourly/daily/monthly rates, during which period he/she can complete the said application. For an affordable investment, our Contract Services provides the right person at the right time. It allows our client to avoid various long-term hidden costs related to permanent employment. It is a perfect solution for clients who want to keep their project’s fixed operative cost under control.

Permanent Staffing

SPAR Direct unites our established recruiting network with a nationwide team of direct hire recruiters focused specifically on filling Permanent placement orders. These recruiters represent only non-consulting candidates with successful track records in their respective sectors. Our Direct Hire recruiters are based in major markets throughout the country. For long term project needs, SPAR provide its clients with experienced technical candidates on a permanent basis at very competitive referral rates. We understand the fact that locating and hiring the right candidate for any project assignment can be very complex and time-consuming for our clients. The best IT professionals are always on project assignments. To find and recruit them at short notices can become extremely difficult at times. To shorten this recruiting and hiring cycle we recruit and maintain a network of IT professionals and provide them at short notices to our clients on full time permanent basis. We invest in time upfront to learn and understand our client’s business environment, products, services and staffing needs. Our knowledge of the Information Technology marketplace and access to a large number of professionals, due to our global presence and reach, provide our clients with the staffing support they need.

Project Staffing

We, at SPAR work onsite and offsite at our client locations, interfacing directly and indirectly with the hiring managers/internal recruiters to conduct full life-cycle recruitment process. In the event of our client needing to recruit technology consultants for very large projects, we at SPAR facilitate mass recruitment campaigns, on-the-spot technical evaluations and in-person interviews. From job posting, resume screening, candidate interviewing, to finalizing compensation packages, our Project Staffing Services becomes a high speed, high yield yet low cost recruitment solution to our client. Our recruitment team, assigned specially for project recruiting, directly supports and facilitates the recruiting and staffing objectives of our clients. We identify the potential candidates from our extensive database and target companies and conduct reference checks for all identified consultants. We also supplement research, sourcing and recruiting with Internet Recruiting strategy. We then coordinate interviews and perform necessary follow up with candidates. In the end we provide a detailed progress report, including number of candidates sourced and presented, interviewed, hired and recruited, and the time taken for this process. If desired by our client, we manage all employment administrative issues like payroll, employment taxes, worker’s compensation, regulatory issues, insurance and other supplementary benefits. We also collect specific industry employment data, including salary data and competitor organization information