Highly manual QA and testing procedures can have significant impact on costs and time to market. Being dependent on busy QA and testing experts with limited availability can also be a drain on efficiency and productivity.

Our Testing Technology Services can take your testing practices and streamline them for maximum efficiency. We perform a business analysis to uncover where automated testing can speed up processes, reduce costs, and improve overall organizational effectiveness. We also apply technical analysis to decide what automation is feasible and the most cost effective.

We offer the following Testing Technology Services:

  • Test Automation
  • Test Environment Management
  • Test Data Management


Our approach to Testing Technology Services includes forming a strategy and building ROI models prior to solution design and development. Through detailed planning, tool selection and deployment, test script development, test automation execution, and post-test analysis of the results, METASIS bring the desired results and benefits of test automation.

Specific capabilities of Testing Technology Services include:

Business Case Development: Ensures that automated testing will be cost-effective and efficient

Technical Feasibility Analysis: Determines the technical feasibility of automated tests given the environment, applications, databases, platforms, and architecture of the target system; provides recommendations on appropriate automation tools.

Generation and execution of automated test scripts: Plan, design, generate and execute the automation scripts and/or test cases; monitor the process to ensure proper execution of the plan.

Analysis of performance, coverage, and cost effectiveness: Analyze test results to verify that automation goals are achieved; verify code and test coverage; confirm original cost effectiveness measurements and assumptions.

Advanced Test Design: An advanced technique, called Logic Modeling, is used to verify systems that have stringent high-reliability, low-defect requirements.

Migration of automation between systems: Translating scripts written for one automated test system to another.

Why Metasis for Testing Technology Services

  • Increase QA efficiency through automated testing.
  • Test Automation frameworks reduce the chance of error and can improve efficiencies by up to 70%.
  • Testers can refocus manual efforts on new functionalities, leading to higher quality.
  • Automated tests are versatile and can be used for highly repeated tests, regression testing and post release testing.
  • Significantly increases test coverage and accuracy.
  • Reduces testing time, costs and business risk; improves time to market.