Software Application Support And Maintenance Services

Metasis Information Systems provides Software Application Support and Development Services for the major standard products and for the custom made solutions to all the businesses across all verticals.

Maintenance and Support :

Metasis Information Systems provides Application Maintenance and Support services for all Enterprise Applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Workforce Management System (Human Capital Management), Transport and Logistics Management System (TMS), Finance Management System, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business Process Management (BPM).  IT support is given to any standard Software or custom made solutions.

Migration :

When companies change the software, the data need to be migrated to the latest new software. Metasis Information Systems provides the services to all businesses to migrate data from the older versions to the latest versions and the newly implemented system.

Upgrade :

Enterprise software are getting upgraded periodically with lot of improvement and the businesses should upgrade from the existing version of the software to the latest versions. Product companies do not provide support for the older versions. Metasis Information System provides services for upgrading the software to the latest version and provide necessary support to stabilize the system.

Implementation :

 Metasis Information Systems undertakes the implementation of software application to various sites of businesses. Many businesses go for new applications and the proper implementation is very important to run the business smoothly. Metasis Information Systems has experience in effective project management for software implementation. Implementation time duration, testing and go-live on date are very important to run the business operations very effectively.

Customization and Enhancement:

Thought the businesses go for standard out of the box solutions available in the market, it is always required to make certain customization to suit to the particular specific business to give user friendly environment to all their business users. Metasis Information Systems from its India office, provides the customization services for all the enterprise applications. Proper testing will be done before making it go live into production system.


Proper integration of the software application to all the other related applications within the business environment is very important to have the seamless data flow across the applications. The real benefit of implementing the enterprise applications can be achieved with proper interface. Poor interface will lead to lot issues in the day-to-day operations. Metasis Information Systems provides best in class software integration services to all the business applications.

WHY DO YOU NEED TO CHOOSE Metasis Information Systems ?

Metasis Information Systems provides 24×7 global support services for the regular maintenance for all sites of business spread across the globe will suit for many organizations at affordable cost. Metasis Information Systems can develop custom solutions to the organizations’ specific requirement at very affordable cost through our unique operating model.

Metasis Information Systems’s rigorous project management system and resource pooling methods offer extensive benefits to the customers for affordable costs and higher returns. Metasis Information Systems’s best practices and the unique analysis of the ongoing tickets and processes within the given environment help to focus on the long term stability. Our preventive maintenance approach based on the analysis of the detailed study will make the system very stable.

Metasis Information Systems  has set its foot for the steady and reliable partnership with the best of the breed software companies to provide the right solutions on time at affordable cost to the customers. Metasis Information Systems offers very flexible contract terms to customers to suit their corporate goals. Metasis Information Systems is willing to share the project risks and rewards with our customers when they get engaged with us on a long term basis.

Metasis Information Systems  operates in LOW COST model with a support manager at customer location and the support team from India Office. Metasis Information Systems believes in a long term commitment from the customer for the support as the advantage of support experience can be fully taken by the customer.


Metasis Information Systems  provides Application Support services to all the standard solutions available in the market and custom made solutions in every segment.

1.   ERP Support and Maintenance
2.   SCM Support and Maintenance
3.   CRM Support and Maintenance
4.   HCM Support and Maintenance (Human Capital / Workforce)
5.   WMS Support and Maintenance
6.   TMS Support and Maintenance (Transport and Logistics)
7.   HMS Support and Maintenance (Hospital / Healthcare)
8.   PMS Support and Maintenance (Hotel / Property)
9.   BPM Support and Maintenance
10. FMS Support and Maintenance (Finance Management)
11.  EAM Support and Maintenance (Asset Management System)
12.  PLM Support and Maintenance